Friday, March 23, 2012

Scooby Doo - Take Two

Before we get to the nails, I'd just like to ramble for a minute. Please put up with it ;)
Sandra asked if I had a Tumblr because she had just seen my Spongebob nails there.
No... I don't have Tumblr, no I don't have a Flickr, or a Facebook. This little blog is the only piece of the internet that I take up. It saddens me that people would be using my pictures without giving me credit. I just recently started adding watermarks to my pictures to hopefully prevent this. And to tell you the truth... I hate adding watermarks. It just adds that extra step that I can accidentally forget each time. I haven't found a quick and easy way to watermark yet. (I'd love to take any suggestions).
My point of this ramble is to let you know that I would love if you guys use my designs as inspiration for your own manis. But please throw my name in there or link back to my blog. I am perfectly OK with that. I just don't like those using my photos from before I watermarked, without crediting me. :(
On to the nails!
I was unhappy with how my first Scooby Doo manicure turned out, and I knew I would be trying again. This time I focused mainly on the faces of each of the characters. I like this one a lot better! What about you?
Thumb = Scooby
Index = Daphne
Middle = Fred
Ring = Velma
Pinky = Shaggy
And the step by step:

These were a base of nail polishes, all details were acrylic paint.

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