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Pinky & the Brain - Take Two

Alexisaurus - asked if I do both hands or just one? I know I've answered this before, but it applies to this post.
Most of the time, I only do one hand and take pics. Then I remove it and put on something more practical for my daily life. It might be different if I was a nurse on a pediatric ward, but I work with adults.... and I can't make myself wear the crazy cartoon nails to work. There are times however that I may tone it down a bit and make it wearable. Take for instance the Rocko's Modern Life cartoon post here. I wore that as a full mani for a day or so. I felt it was less "in-your-face."
I decided to do Pinky and the Brain as a full mani. One of my male coworkers is always asking what is on my nails each time I see him. He has a picture of Brain on his binder he carries around, so I decided to do it in his honor! Lol, I know he's working today and he'll see them.

I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Cafe Au Lait. I recently found this one and I think it's an ever better nude than Iced Coffee, for my skin tone. Sally Hansen Insta Dri Whirlwind White for the tips. Acrylic paints for the cartoon nails.

I'm much more shaky when using my non dominant hand!

Looney Tunes

Massive Attack of the Looney Tunes!

I did my first Looney Tunes look here seen on my natural nails. They had to be included in this large project too, so I went bigger and better! ;) More characters for more fun.

Bugs Bunny

Wile Coyote & the Road Runner

Sylvester & Tweety

Speedy Gonzales & Yosemite Sam

Pepe' Le Pew & Daffy Duck

Marvin the Martian & Porky Pig

How did I do?

Trouble with green bleeding through on Daffy Duck, so I had to cover the white details with thick white polish. Please excuse the extra bubbling on that nail. And for some reason I can't seem to get Porky's skin tone right. He needs to be a lot lighter, but hindsight is 20/20 or however that saying goes....
I love them all even with their flaws!

Foghorn Leghorn

Another suggestion from my dad.

Anybody else love the GEICO commercial that says "Would Foghorn Leghorn make a really bad book narrator?" Lol.

Foghorn Leghorn & Henery Hawk

George P. Dog (Barnyard Dawg)

Miss Prissy & Egghead Jr. (Not to be confused with Chicken Little)

Background is Wet n Wild Black with two coats of Color Club Covered in Diamonds. CiD is impossible for me to wear on my nails. The jagged edges drive me nuts. It doesn't matter how many thick layers of topcoat I use... Besides the application is a pain because the consistency of the polish sucks. It's like someone swept the floor of Ke$ha's apartment and dumped the dustpan into a bottle of clear polish. It ends with a cool effect, but it's garbage to work with.

Scooby Doo - Take Two

Before we get to the nails, I'd just like to ramble for a minute. Please put up with it ;)
Sandra asked if I had a Tumblr because she had just seen my Spongebob nails there.
No... I don't have Tumblr, no I don't have a Flickr, or a Facebook. This little blog is the only piece of the internet that I take up. It saddens me that people would be using my pictures without giving me credit. I just recently started adding watermarks to my pictures to hopefully prevent this. And to tell you the truth... I hate adding watermarks. It just adds that extra step that I can accidentally forget each time. I haven't found a quick and easy way to watermark yet. (I'd love to take any suggestions).
My point of this ramble is to let you know that I would love if you guys use my designs as inspiration for your own manis. But please throw my name in there or link back to my blog. I am perfectly OK with that. I just don't like those using my photos from before I watermarked, without crediting me. :(
On to the nails!
I was unhappy with how my first Scooby Doo manicure turned out, and I knew I would be trying again. This time I focused mainly on the faces of each of the characters. I like this one a lot better! What about you?
Thumb = Scooby
Index = Daphne
Middle = Fred
Ring = Velma
Pinky = Shaggy
And the step by step:

These were a base of nail polishes, all details were acrylic paint.

Eh, What's Up Doc?

Looney Tunes today!

  • Thumb - Daffy Duck
  • Index - Bugs Bunny
  • Middle - Sylvester
  • Ring - Tweety Bird
  • Pinky - Porky Pig

They're ready for their closeups! Well, not Daffy and Porky.... they looked bad up close! Lol

It's time for Animaniacs

Cause they're zany to the max!

This is another show I used to Love! Thanks to Wool and Polish for the suggestion.

  • Index - WB logo (they used to always get locked up in the WB water tower, lol)
  • Middle - Yakko
  • Ring - Wakko
  • Pinky - Dot
Solid base mani of OPI Alpine Snow Matte
I used mostly acrylic paints on this one.

By the way, I go back to work tomorrow. Boo for having to work! :( My schedule just happened to fall where I was off for 6 days in a row! I work the next four days, but I have four days worth of mani's scheduled for you. Cartoons in the morning (just like Saturday mornings used to be) and a regular "more normal" mani in the evenings. Still art, just not cartoons. I hope you gals understand.

Tiny Toons

Wool and Polish - here's your tiny toons! I had forgotten about this cartoon, but loved it back in the day! Anything that was cartoon characters as babies or kids always got my attention. (Tiny Toons, Rugrats, Muppet Babies, etc)

  • Thumb & Pinky - Babs' ears
  • Index & Middle - Dizzy Devil's crazy eyes!
  • Ring - Elmyra poor girl always torturing those little guys! lol (I love her skull bow!!!)
Questions about a color I used? Just leave a comment and I'll get back to you. Too many to list here.

My fave nail is Elmyra!

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